Who is Zoom

Once a young man who fought a death match with forty bandits, now under the wave of capitalism, he’s gotten infinitely close to that dragon. The young man will someday grow up to become what he hates. Foreign trade export business has been squeezed and can no longer breathe, platform fees are getting higher and higher, performance is getting worse and worse, customers are getting harder to find, and products are getting harder to sell. So, foreign trade self-built site network marketing has become the biggest hope for foreign trade companies.

Clever people have already made a fortune through network marketing, and many foreign trade people are still struggling with how to build a site…

Hi, this is Zoom!

2-six webzoom is my latest creation, started to test my site-building level and to record my own content marketing and SEO experience.

Let me introduce myself briefly.

Currently engaged in foreign trade network marketing, in simpler terms, is to use Google rules to bring traffic to my site and work for myself, hate tedious things and love all the processes to be refined.

I first started to get involved in foreign trade network marketing in 2013, and my major is computer science. Although my coding skills are weak, I can still operate it, so I started sharing some of my own site building and marketing experiences, and gradually some friends recommended me to cooperate in site building.

At the end of 2015,

I was fortunate enough to work with a SEO expert, and officially entered the SEO world. Looking back now, I am fortunate to have a guide.

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